Monday, May 17, 2010

A Little about my girl - Monkey

Monkey as I have so gracefully nicknamed her, is my oldest daughter. She will be 3 years old May 2010. Last time we had her at the doctor she stood 41 inches tall and weighed 38.1 pounds; she isn't even 3 and wears 4T-5T. She's just tall like her mama.

Monkey definitely knows how to milk the grandparents for anything; cash, toys, candy, you name it she pretty much gets her way at there house when I'm not there. So when she comes home she is just pissed at me most of the time because here she is told "no" from time to time... And on top of that I make her nap, or at least lay down and rest for bit because if she doesn't she will serious loose her mind!

Her favorite foods are
  • Chicken & Ranch
  • Chips & Dip (of any kind)
  • Broccoli & Cheese
  • Biscuits & Gravy
  • Pizza (with ranch most of the time)
  • chocolate, sweets, cookies, and candy of any kind....
Now, this is a ranch eatin' and dippin' family so she really no chance of escaping the ranch craze. This list isn't what she eats everyday, although chicken is for lunch most days, but its the list of - if she could pick what to eat - this would be it.

What is she scared of? The dark and thunder... Every time it rains she totally freaks out...
Bed time is fun around this house we finally got her "big girl" bed up and her room all pretty and its a space just for her but does she want to sleep in there, noooo....
I know its a scary transition so as of now she falls asleep either in my bed or on the couch and then is lifted off to her bed. Drives me crazy but its better than a melt down every night.

Here is the part that is hard for me admit too. She is just like me as a child; stubborn, bull-headed and sassy as she can be. So when my mama said I was gonna get pay back when I had kids she was right... Its like a mini me, and heck I know how i was and still am so parenting isn't gonna be easy for me anytime soon.

In the end, I love her to death. Just last night as she was falling asleep on the couch and her sister was sleeping, I just sat down beside her and stroked her curly hair. I just stared at her - she was so peaceful, so beautiful, it was a simple elegance that took my breath away. It was one of those moments that you know will stay in your memory even when your 85 years old. There are days when I seriously wonder how can I do this for at least 42 more years (lets get real you're never really done being a mommy until your in the ground), but moments like that just help remind me of how precious and truly wonderful she is, screaming, crying, hitting me, or kicking me. She is still truly a blessing to my life.


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